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All our leather designs are handcrafted from the highest quality raw material, dyed using traditional methods. Therefore, any imperfection or difference in appearance is considered an intrinsic characteristic of the product.


  • To preserve the original quality, avoid exposing the bag to extreme heat or humidity; rain, rubbing and direct sunlight may cause staining or discolouration of the leather. Avoid contact with corrosive substances such as oils or alcohol.
  • When not in use, store it in the dustbag in a dry place away from sunlight. Stuff the bag with paper so that it keeps its shape and does not warp. Tissue paper is a good choice. Do not stack one bag on top of another as the weight may cause marks on the skin.
  • If for any reason the bag is wet, do not apply direct heat to it. Dry with a clean cotton cloth or leave it at room temperature. Once dry, moisturise the leather to restore it to its natural state.
  • Avoid carrying too much weight in your bag. The heavier it is, the easier it is for the handles to crack and even deform the bag.
  • In the case of light-coloured bags, it is advisable to avoid contact with delicate garments that may fade, such as jeans, black garments, etc…
  • It is worth mentioning that there are skins that require more specific care and products that require special attention.


  • Clean the bag regularly with a dry cotton cloth in a circular motion or with a small brush, even if it is spotless, as it is exposed to dust, moisture, sweat and other elements.
  • It is advisable to moisturise your bag once or twice a year, so that the leather does not weaken and lose its good appearance. To do this, you have many specific products that prevent the leather from getting damaged. Nivea moisturising cream is a very good trick to prevent the leather from drying out. There are water repellent sprays that increase the surface water resistance and enrich the texture and colour of the leather.


Suede or split leather

Clean the leather with a specific brush with metal prongs.

Specialised water repellent sprays are available to protect and prevent stains. It is important to test beforehand on an inconspicuous area. Brush afterwards.

In the case of a stain, try to remove it with the brush, or if necessary, rub it with a clean damp cloth and PH Neutral soap (normally, in order not to leave marks, it is advisable to clean the whole bag).

Cowhide leather

Vegetable tanned leather, due to its process without the use of chemicals, the passage of time creates a beautiful patina on the leather, achieving extraordinary qualities. In this way, imperfections can appear that we do not consider to be defects of the leather, but rather the characteristics of the leather itself. We like natural and respectful materials that age over time with the sun, rain and time.

It is advisable to clean with specific natural products such as waxes and oils.

Fur (foal)

Due to the characteristics of this natural fur with hair, it may lose hair due to rubbing.

Clean with a clean dry cloth or brush in the direction of the hair.


Hand wash with neutral soap and water. Washing may cause the fabric to fade and the leather details to darken. We do not recommend washing in the washing machine when the bag has leather (as this may discolour the fabric).


Wipe off dust with a clean, dry cloth. Do not wet.

It is advisable to store in a dust bag in a dry place.