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Founded in 2012 by A Coruña designer Rosa Corredoira, Castor Polux is driven by the need to offer alternatives to ephemeral trends.

Its collections are designed for both everyday and special occasions, with a focus on simple lines and minimalist designs, in the spirit of craftsmanship and created with the intention of offering pieces that will last over time. All Castor Polux bags and small leather goods are designed in Galicia and manufactured and produced in Ubrique, a hub of leather craftsmanship at an international level, with high quality materials of Spanish origin. The intention is to offer designs of elegant and natural shapes with good proportions, versatile and functional.

Castor Polux’s identity is defined by its founder’s own universe, inspired by art, craftsmanship and things well done. Castor Polux was born out of the need to express her vision of fashion and to meet her own needs.

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In its commitment to making Castor Polux as sustainable as possible, all leathers and materials used are certified by the Leather Working Group, which promotes sustainable environmental practices in the leather industry. Processes such as vegetable tanning on cowhide for certain models and the use of existing leftover leathers are part of Castor Polux’s efforts to make Castor Polux an environmentally friendly company.