Castor and Pollux were twin brothers born from the same mother, Leda, but from a different father. Legend said that Leda was such a beautiful woman, that Zeus wanted her. One day, while she was walking along the Eurotas river, she found a beautiful swan escaping from the attack of an eagle. Leda protected him and was seduced by him. The swan was Zeus himself transformed.

The same night, Leda laid with her husband and as consequence, she put two eggs: one was born as Polux, son of immortal Zeus; the other one as Castor, Tindareo’s mortal son. Leda´s children were part of myths and legends.  They´ve been honored in both mythology, Greek and Roman. In one of his many battles, the hero Castor fell mortally wounded.

Completely broken of pain Polux asked his father Zeus if his brother could spend a day in the Olympus, so he could see him soon in the Hades. Zeus accepted. The strong fraternal union and the disparity of characters made them identify with the Constellation of Gemini, made around two stars that shine on all the others. The twin stars in China represent the forces of dual nature, the yin and the Yang